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I was not strong enough to hold
the tears.
The heavy, colorless

Dropping without meaning.

I watched them grow into
a river—
an endless body called
the deep.

Deepening into emptiness.

I stepped into the boat
of illusion,
where the lies produce
the color.

Coloring over significance.

I only pretended
to be safe.
Tossed around by the waves
of blame.

Blaming only myself.

I followed the flow
of tears,
trying to keep the boat

Stabilizing with fear.

I looked around at the
steep cliffs—
places where the illusion
could fall.

Falling without hope.

I knew pretending would
be lost,
buried in the waves
of desire.

Desiring simple truth.

I reached out my hand and
touched the water—
felt what it is like to be
cold and clear.

Clearing away uncertainty.

I stepped into the river,
and let it hold me,
in its clear, colorless


Written by liferenewed

August 3, 2008 at 5:36 am

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